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Succession and Exit Planning

Which way to YOUR Exit?

Which way to YOUR Exit?

Although there are many ways to get into a business, there are only a few ways to Exit.

Some are unpleasant, yet they happen and they should be planned for (Death and Disability). We always address these in every ROAD MAP & STRATEGY PLAYBOOK, because no one wants to be remembered for their lack of planning in these areas.

The 4 most common Exit Routes we help business owners plan for are as follows:


This Exit Route is for Owners who want to start doing Pre-Sale planning to sell for maximum value to an Outside Buyer. Preferably you would have 2-4 years to prepare so you could appeal to a Strategic Buyer, who would pay top dollar for your "niche" business.


This Exit Route is for those who wish to "leave a legacy" and pass the business on to the next generation. It requires special strategies due to family dynamics and the tax traps that the Government has laid out for inter-generational transfers.


Many Owners wish to sell their business to "insiders" (select Key Employees). The inherent problem is that the buyer employees likely do not have their own sources of cash for the purchase, so we help explore a variety of financing, tax minimization and cash flow protection strategies.

The "GO PART-TIME" Road Map

This route has become more common in recent years. Many owners are tired, and want to explore other life opportunities, and shed many of the day-to-day responsibilities of their business, yet they cannot sell their business for enough capital to support their lifestyle. So we focus on strategies to retain key employees, delegate tasks and protect the business.

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How We Work

Our first priority is helping you take care of yourself and your family. We take time to learn more about your business and personal situations, identify your goals for succession & exit, and understand your operation and your people. We've been focusing on Succession & Exit Planning for over 30 years and we follow an organized, efficient and proven process.

Typical Client Objectives

"I don't feel like I really understand what I should be doing from a retirement or exit planning standpoint, or if I am taking advantage of proper tax and financial strategies. My exit is not close (5-7 years), but I am worried about setting myself up for the future, and whether I am making mistakes now that will cost me later."

"I'm at a point where I want to start a plan for the future. I'm not sure what strategies might work for me, and I want to minimize the risks and cost of selling my business to my key employees."

"My adult children work in the business but I'm not sure if they have what it takes to sustain the business after I retire. I need to work with someone who can help me figure out the best way to go."

"My key employees really run the business, and I want to make sure they aren't lured away by a competitor. What should I do?"

Client and Advisor Comments

“Your Planning RoadMap was the "blueprint" that our tax, legal and other advisors worked from to complete our plan. I'm sure I saved many times your fee by being ready and organized for my other more expensive Advisors, which kept their time down." -- A satisfied Business Owner

(You will need to work with Tax and Legal Advisors and others at some point during the process. The key is to use them only when needed and use the RoadMap to help them work together effectively.)