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We specialize in projecting cash accumulation needs, preserving savings, and transferring your legacy. With our experience in the industry, we've likely handled planning goals very similar to yours. Our planning services include:

  • Retirement Needs projection
  • Estate Liquidity projection
  • Widow(er) Income Needs projection
  • College Funding projection

Wealth Accumulation & Income Products

We are independent and licensed to help you with a wide variety of Investment products:

  • Cash Accounts
  • Stock and Bond based Mutual Funds and Separate Accounts
  • Index, Variable and Lifetime Income Annuities
  • Alternative Investments
  • SEP-IRA and IRA Rollover accounts

Protection Products

As licensed insurance brokers since 1983, we can provide a wide variety of strategies and Life, Disability and Long Term Care insurance product solutions:

  • Personal Insurance:
    • Family income replacement
    • Estate liquidity
    • Family Legacy 
  • Business Insurance:
    • Buy-Sell plan funding
    • Key Person insurance
    • Executive Benefits funding
      • Deferred Compensation
      • Restricted Access Bonus plan
      • Phantom Stock funding
      • Split-Dollar strategies
  • Funding Strategies
    • Premium Finance funding programs

A Few Examples of How We Help Clients

How much will you need to retire -- after taxes? We offer a planning analysis to help you set your sights on a successful retirement. With all of the factors that can impact your retirement, we can identify an amount of money that you should strive to amass in order to meet your goal lifestyle.

Strategies to Avoid Unnecessary Taxes. We can identify and minimize taxes on your hard-saved retirement assets. Why pay more taxes than you have to? 

Lifetime Income planning. We specialize in strategies that provide lifetime income. Depending on your specific situation, we can share a few plays out of our playbook that will let your retirement last indefinitely.

Life Insurance Policy Review. A high percentage of our new clients have life insurance products that have not been reviewed for many years, and due to prolonged low interest rates, often the policies are underperforming. Also, many times we find that policies are not structured for maximum tax efficiency. We offer a complimentary review to assess if your existing plans are on track.

Beneficiary Audit. We are constantly surprised how many of our new clients have IRA accounts, annuities and life insurance policies with outdated beneficiary designations. We make it a point to review all of our clients' beneficiary designations to avoid unexpected planning blunders.

Fiercely Independent

Fiercely Independent

ERSI is proud to be an Owner-Firm of Lion Street, Inc., a leading national financial services company owned by fiercely independent financial advisors.  

Based in Austin, Texas, Lion Street comprises of an elite network of firms who specialize in financial solutions for high-net-worth individuals, family offices, business owners and corporate clients.  As Owner-Firms we gain favored access to insurance carriers and financial institutions, and the products and services they offer, enhancing our ability to meet the complex planning requirements of our clients.